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  • 4 Most Popular Korean Games, Which Is Your Favorite?

    May 25, 2021 Brian Holt Blogging

    Games made by South Korean developers are the country’s most exported games, beating K-pop and Korean dramas.

    This fact was revealed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea, which in 2018 data stated that games generated an export value of up to USD 6.4 billion.

    So, here are four games from South Korea that managed to rule the world.


    Games developed by Zepetto Co. This is an FPS genre or a first-person type of shooting game. Point Blank was first released in September 2008.

    Zepetto Co. company. is one of the well-known game developers in Korea since 2003. This game tells about the battle between Free Rebels and Counter Teorrorist Force (CT-Force), and currently has game servers in several countries such as Russia, Indonesia, United States, Peru, Turkey , Thailand and Brazil.


    This game was first released by Pearl Abyss in July 2015 and is in the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) genre. The game is a role-playing game that can be accessed en masse by many players.

    Carrying a fantasy world story about the conflict between two countries, namely the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. Apart from being popular in Asia, this game is also popular in America and Europe.


    This game, which is popular among K-pop idols, was first released in 2017 with the battle royale genre, which is playing online for up to 100 people at once.

    The idea for this game actually came from Brendan Greene from America who was developed in collaboration with one of the game studios from Korea, Bluehole. The game won PC Game of The Year at the 35th Golden Joystick Awards (2017).


    This Marvel superhero-themed mobile game was released in April 2015 by Netmarble Corp. which is directly affiliated with Marvel Entertainment under Disney. (Also Read: 8 Things About The Boys, Controversial Superhero Stories That Are Different From Marvel and DC Comics)

    This game has the genre Action Role-Playing Video Games (RPG) and Dungeon Crawl which is a fantasy role-playing game with heroes. The company Netmarble Corp. is the biggest mobile-gaming developer in Korea, also the developer behind the mobile game BTS World.

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  • Indonesian Startup Games, Bring Local Games to the International Scene

    Who would have thought that gaming could be such a promising industry? In fact, now several game startups have appeared in Indonesia, you know.

    In fact, in the past the game world had never received serious attention. Games are only considered for leisure or weekend entertainment.

    Currently, the Indonesian game industry continues to grow. Many people are starting to take this one field seriously.

    Well, in this article, Glints will thoroughly discuss various things related to game startups.

    Glints will also explain the development of game startups in Indonesia and a list of their companies.

    Immediately, let’s see the following explanation!

    What is a Game Startup?

    Around 15 years ago, you probably never heard that there were people who seriously wanted to become gamers or gamers.

    Games have always been seen as a waste of time, worthless and unprofitable entertainment.

    However, in recent years, this opinion has been successfully rejected by many parties.

    Many people then turn the game from just a hobby into a promising business.

    In fact, some of them have succeeded in establishing game startups in Indonesia.

    However, before discussing it further, what exactly is a game startup?

    When viewed from the origin of the word, startups are new companies established by one or more entrepreneurs to develop unique products or services, as written by Investopedia.

    So, when combined, a gaming startup means a company that was just founded to develop the world of games or games.

    The majority of game start-ups focus on developing new games, both for smartphone versions (iOS and Android), computers, websites, and consoles (Nintendo and PlayStation).

    However, there are also startups that focus more on developing e-sports teams and holding gaming events.

    The list of Indonesian game startups continues to grow until now. All of them are trying to dominate the local and foreign markets.

    Indonesian Game Startup Development

    The game industry is part of the country’s creative industry.

    Compared to other businesses, gaming free pubg royal pass is one of the fastest growing fields.

    The reason is, quoted from Antara, Indonesia is in the 16th position in the world and the first in Southeast Asia in the global game market.

    In detail, there were 43.7 million game players in Indonesia in 2017.

    The potential income reaches US $ 880 million (around Rp. 11.9 trillion).

    However, despite the large market growth, domestic-made games are only around 0.4% of the games sold in Indonesia.

    In addition, according to data from the Indonesian Game Association (AGI) as reported by Suara, only 8% of game revenue goes to Indonesian companies.

    Therefore, now many Indonesians are starting to pay attention to the game industry. They have a mission to advance the Indonesian game industry.

    Not surprisingly, now the list of Indonesian game startups continues to grow.

    According to the AGI Program Manager Ardhan Fadhlurrahman, local games have shown no less performance than foreign games in the last 5 years, as quoted by Bisnis.

    However, most game startups still target overseas markets, such as Europe, the United States, and China.

    The reason is, the majority of the domestic game market is free to play players.

    Usually, these games are made by large companies with complex manufacturing processes. In addition, the production and promotion costs are also large.

    However, Indonesian game startups are still trying to develop games for the local market.

    List of Game Startups in Indonesia

    1. Agate Studio
      Agate Studio is an Indonesian game startup from Bandung which was founded in 2009.

    In the following year, Agate launched a game called Earl Gray and This Rupert Guy. The game is downloaded by more than one million people in the world within a week.

    Then in February 2011, Agate launched the Football Saga which can be played on Facebook.

    After three weeks of launch, the game had 10,000 active users.

    With this achievement, Agate has successfully entered the list of Indonesian game startups that collaborate with international developers, such as Square Enix and Chillingo, which are under the auspices of Electronic Arts (EA).

    1. Touchten Games
      Touchten Games is included in the list of Indonesian game startups that have successfully received series-B financing.

    This Jakarta-based startup has succeeded in developing a number of games that are well-known abroad, such as Train Legend, Ramen Chain and Infinite Sky.

    1. Own Games
      Have you ever heard of or even played the popular Tahu Bulat game in 2016? At that time, Tahu Bulat had topped the top ladder of the Google Play Store, you know.

    Yes, Own Games is the game developer behind the game.

    This Bandung-based startup has five members, namely Edwin Viriya, Jevfin Viriya, Agustin, Ray Naldo and Septian.

    Apart from Tahu Bulat, Own Games has also released several other games, including Agent Dodge, Own Pet Dragon and Own Super Squad.

    1. Toge Productions
      Toge Productions is an Indonesian game developer startup that has been around since 2009.

    One of the most famous games is Infectonator.

    Until now, Infectonator has been downloaded more than one million times on smartphones.

    Apart from these games, this production studio has also developed several other games, such as Rage in Peace, Magicat and Rising Hell.

    From the explanation above, the development of game startups has been proven to help advance the Indonesian game industry. In fact, the list of game startups in Indonesia continues to grow.

    Now, the gaming industry can no longer be underestimated. This industry is very promising, it can even bring the good name of the nation to the international level.

  • The Inspirational Story of Napalm Studio, the Leading Game Company from Indonesia

    April 19, 2021 Brian Holt Blogging

    GAME studios usually put all their efforts into creating one game that will become big and change their destiny.

    Indonesian game development company, Agate Studio, chose not to leave its fate in the hands of chance and chose to develop not one but six games at a time when it first debuted.

    While it may sound like a crazy idea, people should be aware that Agate Studio is not your average gaming company. Founded in 2009, the company has a total of 18 founders from various backgrounds.

    Arief Widhiyasa as founder and chief executive officer of Agate Studio said that at that time there was no game development course in Indonesia.

    Passionate about the art of making games, Arief and some of his friends decided to start their own company after realizing that there were no opportunities in other local studios.

    The group, made up of computer science, engineering and arts students, is determined to set up a game studio where all Indonesians interested in the gaming industry can work in it.

    The Early Story of Agate Studio

    Even though they were all inexperienced, the group quickly pooled their resources to educate themselves on the basics of running a business.

    Arief explained how each member would take the time to read business books and then share their knowledge with other group members.

    “We were very inspired by one book in particular that touched on the success habits of visionary companies. This means, we have to think about the business first before developing the product, “he said.

    This allowed the group to rapidly expand their team in the first three months to begin developing their first six games.

    Today Agate Studio has grown into a team of more than 80 people with its head office in Bandung. The company has satellite offices in other cities including Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

    It’s no wonder that Agate Studio proudly claims to have made more than 200 games in the last seven years.

    “We usually assign three to five people to work on a game and that way they operate like an independent game studio within the company,” said Arief.

    The benefit of being a small team in a large company is that they can support each other and share knowledge.

    This then allows them to learn quickly from each other and develop their game faster.

    Diversified Vision and Mission of Agate Studio

    Agate divides its business into two divisions: Agate Level Up serves as a digital marketing agency developing games for brands while Agate Games which focuses on developing commercial games.

    “Our company focuses on making all kinds of simulation games for both our clients and our own games,” said Arief.

    Agate has been involved with commercial projects that have seen it explore multiple platforms including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality, Flash, Mobile, and PC.

    To date, they have worked with various clients such as Ogawa, Microsoft, Fanta, Allianz and Pocari Sweat; developing games that take advantage of augmented reality, simulation, and story-based elements to help brands reach their audience.

    Agate has even worked on games for strong intellectual property like Upin & Ipin.

    Surprisingly, even though the most popular game platform in Indonesia is currently on Android, Arief said that Agate’s best-selling game to date is a web-based football simulation game called Football Saga.

    In the game, players are tasked with taking professional footballers through their careers and ultimately guiding them to become football legends.

    Apart from making games, Agate also runs its own training program through the Agate Academy where they train and develop their own talents.

    “There is a shortage of talent in the industry at the moment. We have 20 open positions, but we can’t fill them yet, ”said Arief.

    Therefore, Agate took matters into his own hands by establishing an academy to teach young Indonesians the basics of game development while keeping it fun.

    Students will be asked to create classic games such as Tetris and Pacman to gain a basic understanding of game programming.

    “We want students to have a basic understanding or they will waste time trying to build complex games,” he said.

    The Academy is a long-term project and Agate supports giving back to the local ecosystem by providing feedback to local universities on their syllabus and teaching materials.

    They are also open to lending their own talents to teach classes if needed.

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